There is no timeline, just the order in which features will, at this moment, be implemented.

  1. Implement first example parser and importer, to kick start framework to deal with these tasks and provide an example implementation. Also provide documentation. After this is implemented, there is already a single standard and others can work with imported information.

  2. Implement first output based on imported information. Provide first Views and GUI.

  3. Improve eel parsing trait:

  4. Provide further example packages to show what is possible and how to implement it. E.g.:

    1. Provide Package to import Github issues and display them via Web GUI Package.
    2. Provide E-Mail importer with rule set via configuration to allow sending e-mails for all kind of imports.

Once we have the first two points finished, an alpha version 1.0.0 will be released that should be ready to use.